Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser


Enrich your life with the wonderful world of aromatherapy…

♦ Disperses only a cool mist vapour
♦ Easy to Clean & Maintain, Eco Friendly
♦ Intermittent Mist function 30sec On / 30sec Off up to 7 hours
♦ Continuous Mist function up to 3 hours at a time
♦ Multi LED or Single LED Lighting
♦ Mode Independent Light or Mist operation
♦ Diffuser base & cover interlock securely
♦ Automatic shut off, at low water level
♦ One Year Guarantee
♦ Offers Humidifier characteristics
♦ No oily hot water or naked flame


How to Use

Connect the adaptor cord into the base of the Diffuser
Remove top cover of Diffuser
Add up to 100ml of cold tap water to the water tank
Then add a few drops of pure essential oil or blend to the water
Replace the top cover, locking into position
Plug the cord into the power supply and switch on Press the “Mist” button to select either the Intermittent or the Continuous mode
Press the “Light” button to turn on and create a delightful ambiance
For further information please refer to the User Manual


Dimensions: 11cm W x 14 cm H
Unit Weight: 200gm + Plus Adaptor
Power Input: 220/240V AC – 50/60Hz
Power Output: 12V AC 2.4 MHz 12 Watts
Tank Capacity: 120mls
220/240V – 12 Watts
One Year Guarantee

Images show the colour cycle of Diffuser. Please note colours may vary from images shown.








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